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August 7, 2017

Aari Embroidery Classes in Trichy

Anjela Designs

Bridal Blouse

You can learn to design the latest blouse. There are many exclusive collection of blouses available in the market like High Neck Blouse, Halter Neck Blouse, Spaghetti Strap Blouse,Tube Style Blouse ,Sheer Sleeves Blouse, Backless Blouse, Shirt Style Blouse.You can learn and develop your skill to start your own business.


Painting is an art of visualizing and making things in the form of a sheet.When you have a strong desire to paint, please visit our company. We provide professional training to paint. The four main tools utilized for painting is oil, acrylics, watercolors, and pastel. During the initial stage ,you might have not known or struggling to learn about understanding of colour mixing and painting.These things will be thought here.

Pillow making

Do you want to make a decorative pillow for your home.This can be made easy.We are conducting classes to make pillows of all kind! Are you willing to spend a penny to learn pillow making pattern. You can do it by attending classes here. You can also get few tips about pillow designing. We will help you to learn many varieties of pillow making.

Doll Making

Gift your child with a doll. You can learn various doll pattern and create your own doll here. There is tutorial done by our experts to make a fairy doll and present it to your child and make them happy.Doll is nothing but a model of human being and it is been used as a play gift for a child.

Jute Bag

Are you tired of spending money for carry bags? Don’t want to spend money for Carry bags?Start making your own jute bag.Learn to make a jute bag. We are providing sufficient training for making these bags. Avail the training,you will become a trained professional in jute bag making,Start your making your own jute bag.

Jewellery Making

You can better your jewellery making skills.Never miss the classes of our experts ,who will help you in making a jewellery.You can get some basic tips to make your own jewellery. You can easily learn this by attending the classes.So you want to be a jewellery maker?You are lucky to be here. We will provide world class training for jewellery making!


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